Number 1 – Jennifer Lawrence

Number 1 – Jennifer Lawrence

At the top of the list is Jennifer Lawrence, someone who is guaranteed to be gracing our movie screens now and for years to come. 

Having already played the lead character for at least three films, Lawrence has won many accolades for taking on exciting yet difficult roles and putting in stellar performances film after film.

Still only 21 and with many more films scheduled for release In the near future, if you don’t know her now, you certainly will in the coming months.

At the age of 14 she was picked up by certain talent and modelling organizations in New York and on her first read she was described as “the best cold read by a 14-year-old they had ever heard”. Indeed it was that comment that persuaded her parents to let her peruse an acting career and graduate high school two years early.

Not before long she was appearing in TV shows such as; ‘Monk’ and ‘Cold Case’ before making her film debut in 2008 with a small role in ‘Garden Party’.

She also landed parts in ‘The Poker House’ and ‘The Burning Plain’ before her breakthrough role in ‘Winter’s Bone’.

She plays Ree Dolly, a 17 year old carer trying to track down her drug dealing father to get him to his court date on time so that her family’s house doesn’t get repossessed. Lawrence is simply outstanding in this film and it is worth noting the hours she put in on this film, learning how to skin squirrels, chop wood and fight to make sure her character was convincing, also going on to say that ‘Winter’s Bone’ “wasn’t a fun, easy movie to make by any means. But I didn’t do it to have fun.

After all the praise she received after ‘Winter’s Bone’ which included a whopping 34 award nominations (two been an Oscar and a Golden Globe) she was in demand. First taking a supporting role in the romantic/drama ‘Like Crazy’ and then landing a role in the new X-Men film ‘X-Men: First Class’. Then as recent as this year; taking the lead in Gary Ross’ ‘The Hunger Games’.

It had been a remarkable transition for Lawrence, who before ‘Winter’s Bone’ had not actually played the lead role in a film but it is a great testament to her ability that she took on such a draining demanding role and perfected it.

Critics are also praising Lawrence in ‘The Hunger Games’ admiring the extreme amount of physical acting she does.

Lawrence seems tailor made for low budget indie films but after taking a role in ‘X-Men: First Class’ show she is versatile enough to make it in Hollywood.

Her production program looks busy with the horror/thriller ‘House at the End of the Street’ set to be released in September this year which will mark a change of genre for Lawrence. Two more have been announced for release in 2013; ‘Serena’ and ‘Catching Fire’ with Lawrence taking the lead role in both. Jennifer Lawrence is by far the most talented young actress around today.

Watch the trailer for ‘Winter’s Bone’ Lawrence’s breakthrough role:


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